The Terrarium

5 January 1983
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"It's another world we live in 'midst the placid greenery
We can talk about disaster and admire the scenery
When we cannot find an answer to our Nicaraguan war
We can order out for pizza and consider it some more

But while nothing much gets done and what we do just looks like fun
You must remember what we do is more important than it sounds
For when a case is well done in Constitution 101
We know that bigger trials are possible to win on bigger grounds

We extend our greetings from the terrarium
That earthy college paradise where kids can work and play
But you know that when we leave from this terrarium
We're told that we are going to save the world someday."
-Dar Williams, Terrarium

I may be graduated and working, but this is my little terrarium to keep me thinking, and sane. Welcome.